About us

Vehicle Protection Plus, L.L.C. (VPP) was founded in 1995 with a response to a need within the industry for a product that provides exceptional coverage and service at a fair price for the agent/dealer marketplace.  Enjoying tremendous sales success with the initial Tech Serv product that is still being sold nationwide today, VPP responded to requests from its national marketing representatives to enhance its product line by developing programs that offer stated and exclusionary coverage combined with standard and variable mileage terms.  In response to this request, The Selection program was developed and marketed.

Our Services - A Plus
VPP is the exclusive marketing entity for the nationally acclaimed Tech Serv and Selection Programs. These products are fully insured by Old Republic Insurance Company Inc. rated A+ Superior. Old Republic Insured Automotive Services adjudicates all claims and is the obligor of the service contracts. Both companies are members of the Old Republic International Group. There is no third party claims adjudication of the VPP product with Old Republic Insurance Company Inc.

Our Executive Staff
Ben Crumley and Ron Glime represent co-ownership and are the executive managers of VPP. These individuals respectively have held various positions within the service contract industry in addition to positions with nationally recognized insurers and as independent agents. With over 65 years of combined experience working with general agents, these individuals bring a wealth of experience to the Vehicle Service Contract Industry.


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